On the cost of handbag rehab

Remember my vintage Celine ‘bourgeois bag’ I bought from Rellik in June? Well after barely a few outings, I realised one of the tiny screws from the clasp had come loose. Before I had a chance to get it mended, the wretched screw had fallen out altogether. I decided to take it to the Celine shop in Bond Street for a bit of handbag rehab. After admiring the bag, the sales lady agreed to send it to Paris for repair. Two weeks later she called to tell me the cost would be £60. “Sixty pounds? But all they have to do is replace a screw!” I wailed incredulously. “Why does that cost £60?” I told her not to bother with the repair and to just return the bag. She decided to find out the reason for the excessive charge and let me know. A few days later I had heard nowt. Eventually, after a bit of toing and froing I got a call. Celine had decided to fix the bag for free and it would be winging its way back into my arms shortly.

I have to say, at every turn, the staff at Celine were unfailingly polite and helpful (if a bit slow) and I’m thrilled that my experience resulted in a happy ending. But I have to question this business of high-end brands charging high-end repair fees for their goods. If you’re spending hundreds or thousands (in the case of Cartier watches and suchlike) of pounds on their goods, would it hurt their profits too much to throw in a free repair every once in a while?

The loafer returns

The penny loafer has been off-radar for years but I’m sensing a return to the collegiate flat. In my student years it was all about the preppie Bass Weejun worn with ankle-grazing stovepipes and a Harrington jacket, topped off with tortoiseshell Ray-Ban Wayfarers (yes, it was the eighties!). This time round it looks more exciting – check out these Christian Louboutin for Chris Benz neon leather and mesh loafers, spotted at New York Fashion Week…

Call the fashion police!

A shocking spate of fashion robberies has hit London in the last couple of weeks with Luella, Christopher Kane and Brora all being burgled by moped-mounted mobsters within days of each other. The question is, who could possibly be responsible for these mysterious boutique break-ins? Let’s see… someone with a taste for sensible cashmere twinsets, avante-garde frocks and grandma-style handbags? Come out, come out wherever you are Miuccia Prada, the game’s up dear.

How did you know ‘cause I never told, you found out I’ve got a crush on you

Having had to spend morning, noon and night at ‘the shows’ last week I am still not quite up tp speed on my blogging, so please forgive me if you find an influx of comments from me in the space of a few minutes on your blog – I’m not stalking, honest.

Checking out Allure’s blog (http://allure-allure.blogspot.com/) I read a great post on Lou Doillon’s collection for Lee Cooper.
This denim range has been off the radar for yonks. It was big in the seventies and then, well I’m not quite sure what happened to it but it all but fell off the face of the earth. Well now it’s back and some clever clogs has enlisted Ms Doillon as a designer (not the most original idea but we’ll forgive them this time).

This video from Vogue Paris – http://www.vogue.fr/mode/Lou_Doillon,_designer_pour_Lee_Cooper-12210-info.htm – shows her talking about the collection and while the clothes aren’t at all bad, it’s Doillon herself that keeps you watching. Well, it did me. My crush just got a whole lot bigger.

PS – does anyone else think she bears an uncanny resemblance to Keith Richards?