Last chance to see: Drawing Fashion

If you haven’t seen Drawing Fashion at the Design Museum yet, run, run as fast as your Charlotte Olympias will carry you – it ends on Sunday. My favourite part of the exhibition was the 1950s where I lingered at the painterly brushwork of Andre Berard, a friend of Christian Dior who worked as an assistant to Jean Cocteau, for whom he also designed sets and costumes. Apparently Berard didn’t like drawing faces. I found this interesting as I don’t like drawing eyes and have yet to find a satisfactory way of depicting them. Actually hands are a bit of nightmare too. I’ve seen plenty of Rene Gruau in recent months (and I can even spell Gruau without looking it up, get me!) at a couple of other exhibitions but loved seeing yet more. In particular, the graphic ink and gouache illustrations of which I noticed a lot of AW11 tomato red – which I’m calling ‘Gruau red’.

Obviously, I was delighted to see so much space given to Antonio Lopez.  Not only was he an incredible illustrator but he was a part of that amazingly energetic eighties New York scene that I never tire of hearing about – and he illustrated shitloads for Fiorucci. Hurry hurry, only 5 days left…

[Sneaky image taken on my Blackberry]