London’s king of quiet-glam hospitality returns

Jeremy King restaurant - The Park 123 Bayswater Road W2

London fashionistas are quietly rejoicing at the news that restauranteur Jeremy King has a new eatery in the works.

Following the spectacular fallout with his backers last year (which resulted in them seizing Corbin & King’s stable of classic restaurants including fashion’s preferred breakfast pow-wow venue, The Wolseley), he is waiting out his non-compete and is scheduled to return with a new restaurant, The Park, in 2024.

Conveniently placed near my fave weekend stomping strolling ground Kensington Gardens, the 215-capacity restaurant will serve modern European fare in a 21st century update of King’s celebrated grand cafè style and promises to be a handy new destination for West London’s fashion editor and PR set. While some have continued to visit The Wolseley, I think most will be happy to support the new venture of hospitality’s most genial host.

“What I love about restaurants is the sense of them being egalitarian. Understanding that the most interesting people in a restaurant are the least affluent, not the most affluent,” mused Jeremy King recently in The Telegraph. “You give the opportunity to people to spend a lot of money if they want, but you don’t make it mandatory. We would always keep an eye on what a coffee cost at Caffè Nero. Yes, it would be more expensive at The Wolseley, but not much more.”

Opening as part of the new ‘Park Modern’ development in Bayswater Road, The Park is part of a wider Bayswater/Queensway transformation happening over the next couple of years. But for those who insist on West End or nothing for their macchiato dates, it’s rumoured that another King establishment may emerge much closer to his original Green Park landmark. Stay tuned.

WORDS: Disneyrollergirl / Navaz Batliwalla
IMAGE: The Park, 123 Bayswater Road
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