Girls On Wheels #9 (plus that time Hugh Hefner turned his tennis court into a roller rink)

I haven’t done one of these for ages and it’s the closest I’ll come to doing anything Tour De France related (hmm tenuous much?), so here goes. See if you can spot Grace Kelly on rollerskates and don’t miss the Playboy vid at the end…

1 a Wheels Of Change By Sue Macy
1 Amelia Earhart on skates
2 Brooke Shields
4 eleanor drew bike patrol
5 Ellinore Erichson by Jimmy Backius
6 Arthur-Elgort-Vogue
7 Peter Stackpole
8 Oregon State Hospital
9 Tumblr
Jodie Foster Winner Of Palme D Or At The Cannes Festival For The Role In The Movie Taxi Driver
11 Peter-Stackpole-Life-Magazine
12 PH Cig Harvey
13 Princess Caroline Grace Kelly
14 Ridge-Crest-Camps
16 Thrift Reveal
18 Becky Howe rollerskating with sling 1978
19 Hugh Hefner on Wheels
20 Lilybridge-collection
21 Keep-on-rollin
22 Hugh Hefner
23 Tony Vaccaro a G.I. and a Fraulein, Frankfurt 1946
24 Muppets

[Images: From the book Wheels of Change by Sue Macy; Amelia Earhart; Brooke Shields; Girl Scouts of NYPENN Pathways; Ellinore Erichson by Jimmy Backius; Arthur Elgort/Vogue; Peter Stackpole; Oregon State Hospital; Tumblr; Jodie Foster; Peter Stackpole/Life Magazine; Cig Harvey; Princess Caroline with Princess Grace of Monaco; Ridge Crest Camps; Via; Becky Howe with sling; Hugh Hefner; Lilybridge collection; Keep on Rollin; Hugh Hefner; Tony Vaccaro; Muppets, Youtube]