AW10 trend report: Oasis press day

I have enjoyed this season’s round of press days much more than usual, I think due to PRs editing down their rails and not showing every coat, dress and shoe in the collection. Of the high street brands, Oasis gets the most points for putting on a memorable press day*. This season we got a fully functioning Bistrotheque cafe – I can’t tell you how nice it is to start a day of press days in genteel style with posh granola, tea in a cup and saucer, table service and a fellow who comes round to cut a silhouette of your portrait!

Oasis loves a theme and this time they dreamed up a museum setting with accessories displayed in glass cabinets, complete with explanatory cards. Strangely it did have the effect of making you linger longer to look at the ‘art’.

Oasis is embracing British hertiage style for AW10 with plenty of tweed, camel, equestrian and military references. There are jodhpurs, there are saddle bags, there are saucy leather mini-kilts (could they be the new leather ‘short’?). Coats and accessories are very strong and I heard much swooning over the shoes and ankle boots. A capsule collection of Little Black Dresses was based on “taking an iconic piece from every trend we’re feeling good about and putting it into a dress”, as Head of Design, Iain Ewing explained. This included a ’60s one, a gothic one, a Russian one and my favourite – a long-sleeved sheer dress detailed with black lace and a waterfall of cascading ruffled.

The perfect military coat – look at that piping!
Mid-heel ankle boots – you will be wearing them (well I will)

Oasis asked Sophie Ward and Susanna Cole King to write and record poems about the collections…
Amy May serenaded the press as they worked the rails

Little Black Dresses