Studio 54: yada yada yada

This spring-summer, fashion is all about channelling the hedonistic days (and nights) of Studio 54 as reimagined by Tom Ford, Marc Jacobs and the entire UK high street – probably. One part of me thinks yaaaawn, what again? But another part thinks YAAAAY! The latter part is loving these evocative images* which I just nabbed from Retrovintagemodstyle. Now, I think I can see why people who were there (yes you Marc) keep harking back. Bungalow 8 isn’t quite the same is it?

*please look at Michael Jackson – so adorable

[Images: Retrovintagemodstyle]

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7 Responses to Studio 54: yada yada yada

  1. Mademoiselle Robot says:

    I was just about to say "aaaw Michael" and then I saw your comment about him.

    I think I will never tire of the Studio 54 aesthetic in fashion, as long as it is nicely done. x

  2. Sister Wolf says:

    Let's start a rumor that the HUGE fro is coming back for 2011! Wouldn't that be great?!

  3. The Very Simon G says:

    Is that a rather gorgeous looking Liza Minnelli?? I think it might be! Great pics love xx

  4. Juliet says:

    There's something really intriguing about it.

    juliet xxx

  5. A says:

    Wow, such killer photos. I see why it keeps coming back, they make ME want to design a fashion line!

  6. the nyanzi report says:

    If the bible were to be rewritten today, a couple of things would be in it, including most certainly Studio 54.

  7. Buki Fadipe says:

    high octane glamour! Bring on SS11, these pictures make me wish I was born 2 decades earlier!

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