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Is it just me or does the cycle of so-called trends get more and more predictable every season?

On seeing a page of ’50s frocks in December’s Harpers Bazaar, my boyfriend D asked me if we were about to experience a ’50s revival. I replied that I thought that was impossible, as the last fifties revival hadn’t finished running its course yet. We still have ballet pumps, wide belts and prom dresses although agreed, there is some mileage left in Winehouse-inspired beehive hair-dos and check shirts. What could be next, kitten heels?

Looking at the January Harpers Bazaar, the trend round-up left me cold. Florals, Safari, Transparency, Brights, Prints, …um sorry, but weren’t these the ‘new’ trends last summer? As a fashion editor, it pains me to have to write about these trends as if we’ve never seen them before – our readers aren’t blind or stupid! One trend I have noticed is the fashion-hybrid trend. Susie Bubble mentions this here* in her post about the new acid-hued Dr Marten boots which she would love to see paired with neon-bright floral frocks. Genius! Let’s call it acid-grunge. Like everything else, hybrid trends aren’t that new of course, I’ve been adding ‘Luxe’ to many a trend to give them a new spin. ‘Sport-Luxe’ was a big one for Spring 07 (silk tracksuits and satin parkas a la Marni) while ‘Pop-luxe’ was a micro-trend for Autumn-Winter 07 but didn’t make it big so can probably be strung out for another season. This spring will be the turn of ‘Utility-Luxe’ – translation: boiler suits and silk cargo pants zhuzhed up with heels.

Aside from these, precious few trends are stirring my creativity. The ones that are: Paint splatter/brush stroke prints at Chloe and Dolce & Gabbana, Stars at Chanel and YSL, Pyjama dressing at Prada and Chloe, and Grey Gardens/Topsy-turvy styling at Marc Jacobs.

Pics: Dolce & Gabbana from Style.com, Dr Martens