The American Invasion

Today was the longawaited opening of the Abercrombie & Fitch store in Savile Row. I recall a few months ago plenty of speculation as to whether it was a wise move to open an Abercrombie in the current retail climate. Well, clearly these guys have nothing to worry about. The shop does not even have a sign but it was packed to the rafters. In a colossal building with room upon room of rainbow coloured logo tees and sweats throbbing loud music created just the right amount of chaotic buzzing energy. The staff look like they stepped out of the sexy-but-wholesome photographs on the wall and they’ve all been briefed to do the “Hey, how are you?” thing you get in New York. Although prices are equal in pounds to dollars it seems they had no trouble amassing sales. The question is, will the UK chavs adopt it as their own?