Don’t believe the hype

The Anya Hindmarch ‘I’m Not A Plastic Bag’ bag went on sale today at the Anya Hindmarch stores. As usual, there has been masses of hype, the website crashed and ran a puff piece on it to create even more of a frenzy. Although the bags look lovely and certainly worth more than £5, and are for a good cause (although that would be the last of my reasons for buying it) I am still in two minds whether to get caught up in the hype. On the one hand I really like the style of the bag and it looks like a collectable. On the other hand, it’s canvas and will get dirty so will not be in a collectable state for long. Is it the hype that is making it so desirable? I don’t need any more bags. I get bored easily. If I go out of my way to get a bag now, will I still be using it in three months time? I think I will wait until April when they are in Sainsbury’s. If I’m not sick of the sight of them by then and manage to get one then that will be the deciding factor.