Damn and blast this blog! However much I try to just whizz round a press day or launch, I can’t help putting my reporter’s hat on and getting bogged down in the details. So what have I discovered on my travels this week? Ooh, plenty.

Last night’s PPQ Jackdaw pop-up shop opening was a right squeeze, so compact are the shop’s proportions. Thankfully, I didn’t get an eyeful of Pixie Geldof and The Mighty Boosh getting off with each other but I did clock these rather special Hannah Bays collages.

The Dunhill menswear press day was amazing, as is the building it was housed in. I’d recommend anyone interested in fashion or design to have a nose – don’t be intimidated! Kim Jones is doing brilliant work in his role as, er, head honcho or whatever his proper title is. He has really studied the archives and reinterpreted the brand for today’s customer (oh dear, I sound like a PR!). It seems that menswear is much more concerned with functionality than womenswear and I love knowing about all the details and clever ideas that are incorporated into a garment. There is even a watch in the shape of a key that hangs on a pendant and – get this – the key can be cut so it actually fits your keyhole. Superb! I also found out that Jones spent time growing up in Africa and is a big Peter Beard fan, well I thought it was interesting… Particularly appealing to me were the mens scarves, lots of them in cashmere, silk and cotton, all lovely.

Miu Miu was a right old fur-fest, as were all the Italian collections. Miu Miu even has fur shoes for heaven’s sake!

FYI: Leith Clark swooned over these…

On my way to Daks in Covent Garden (press gift of the week – a giant Jo Malone candle), I passed this perplexing sign in the window of what was until recently the Zavvi store.

Now Hyper Hyper used to be an iconic 1990s fashion emporium of the Dover Street Market type, stocking different underground designers of its day. Is someone trying to resurrect it at the crummy end of Oxford Street? Please God no.

Six months ago I discovered the jewellery of Sabrina Dehoff and this week I saw her new collection. Love the simplicity of this scarf-necklace. Such a straightforward idea, you can slip the silk out and wear it as a scarf on its own. This is the kind of functionality I like and find so rare in womenswear, I wonder why that is?

In the same showroom I was shown these mens boater-loafers (my description – should I copyright it?) by Pointer. What a totally clever-clogs idea!

Mini Market is a newish Swedish label with a nice line in little black dresses (among other things). I love the just-classic-enough style of this velvet one with its sticky-outy hips and button-detail sleeves.

Finally, you saw it hear first…the return of the poncho. Particularly psychedelic ones. Hmm, not sure if I like this or not…any takers?