Shy Di

Is it just me or has anyone else always been a bit flummoxed by the appeal of Princess Diana and her supposed style icon status? I mean, jumpers with sheep on and novelty tights…what’s so stylish about that, pray tell? But I’m sensing a bit of a Kensington Sloane micro-trend bubbling under. It started last summer with Peter York’s book, Cooler, Faster, More Expensive: The Return of the Sloane Rangers, a sequel to The Official Sloane Rangers Handbook and now the autumn/winter collection previews are with us, what are we seeing? Tafetta blouses, boxy blazers, high-neck ruffles, pleated knee-length skirts and sensible sweaters. The focus seems to be more Shy Di in the early years rather than the Bruce Oldfield power gowns and peplum suits and mixed in with a modern-day French trench and some quirky accessories I can see it working on a twenty-something fashionista with a bit of attitude. What do you say to Shy Di style, yay or nay?