Bruce’s Bonus

May is shaping up to be a bumper movie month. Not only is Sex & The City released but the first Jim Jarmusch box set comes out on May 12th. Then there is Joy Division, Persepolis and Waterliles, a French feast of Sofia Copola-style teen awkwardness. But I’m really holding out for June, when there’s a Bruce Weber bonanza going on in London*:

LET’S GET LOST UK PREMIERE, Thurs June 5th – Curzon Soho
A screening of Weber’s famous portrait of Chet Baker followed by questions from the audience

Five short films that sum up the Bruce Weber ode-to-Americana aesthetic, including old Weber b/w home movies, a three-minute movie on London teddy boys and Wine and Cupcakes, a twelve-minute short about Central Park

BROKEN NOSES, Sun 15th June, Renoir Cinema
Cult b/w documentary on the heartbreakingly beautiful boxer Andy Minsker

ART IN THE BAR, 1-30th June, Soho Curzon
Bruce Weber presents the William Caxton photographs of the young Chet Baker – see them and weep

And if you do stop by the Curzon for any of these events, don’t forget to have a slice of curly wurly cake at the in-house Konditor & Cook cafe, worth a special trip in itself!

*For more info, go here

Photograph: William Claxton