Film news: Control

Victor at Melanthos reminded me how excited I am at the imminent arrival of the Joy Division film Control. I’m more of a New Order fan than Joy Division but I can guarantee even if you’re not familiar with their music, the film will be beautifully shot as it’s directed by Anton Corbijn.

Control is actually a biopic about Joy Division’s 23-year old lead singer Ian Curtis who committed suicide on the eve of Joy Division’s first U.S. tour. It’s based on the book Touching From a Distance, by Curtis’ wife, Deborah (which I still haven’t managed to buy).

The release date is 5th October – don’t miss this one.

Eau the glamour

Three new celebrity frangrances launched yesterday proving that despite some people’s protests (ie, mine), the celebrity bubble is far from deflating. Kate Moss’s Kate, the Beckhams’ Intimately Beckham Night and Gwen Stafani’s L are all set to slug it out on the perfume counter in the coming weeks. All very well and good except according to NPD research, sales of women’s celebrity fragrances dropped 17 percent last year and for the first time in the last decade US customers bought more make-up than fragrance. Uh oh, are you thinking what I’m thinking? Yup, the next big thing could well be celebrity make-up ranges. Apart from the odd Mac hook-up this is an area ripe for exploitation. I mean, no need for pesky meetings to look at fabric swatches or toiles, or sniff endless test tubes of noxious odours, a simple Pantone colour chart and a rummage in the old Louis Vuitton make-up bag to haul out some old favourites, and voila, Keira Knightley’s exclusive new range for Chanel, Kate Moss’ exclusive new range for Rimmel and Jessica Simpson’s exclusive new range for Wet n Wild. I’m not sure how much more of this I can take…


The reel thing

As a child of the eighties I just can’t kick the casette habit. i-Tunes? Huh, what that? CDs? I have about 10 tops. Vinyl? A fair few scratched Transvision Vamp 7-inches and David Bowie albums. But it’s my creaky old tapes that I still play to death – some are twenty-odd years old and still going strong. And it looks like other peeps have a soft spot for casettes if these creations are anything to go by. Transformers, purses, wallets, tape dispenders (geddit?) are all recycled from old well-worn casettes. Check em out here:

I’ve been tagged!

Oh my gosh, Susie Bubble has given me a Rockin’ Girl Blogger badge! I’m in shock. I have to tag five other female bloggers (only five?) to receive this honour. Argh where to start? My Bookmarks list gets longer by the day and I really have no idea how some people ( manage to do a post a day if not two or three. Michelle and Marie I’m taggin’ ya! Oh hang on, you’ve been tagged already? Damn, OK, I take that back…

Emma at (sorry I don’t know how to do those linky things) is a must-read for her laugh-out-loud rambling observations about fashion, life and…everything really. Emma, thanks for the laughs, I hereby tag you.

I’ve also recently discovered Style…A Work In Progress ( which is a mine of fashion information and opinions. Style, you’re tagged.

Oh, I know, Allure ( is another recent discovery. I’m tagging her because I love her taste in both music and fashion, Morrissey’s rockin’ on her blog right now…Allure I tag you!

I can’t remember how I came across Vanity Pages ( but her posts totally crack me up. This lady talks a lot of sense! Vanity, you’re tagged too.

And LML at has the cutest ideas. Reminds me what it was like to be young…LML I’m tagging you!

Now the tagees have to tag 5 of their favourite female bloggers…

Isn’t it funny how when you look at everyone’s link there are always a few blogs you recognise? Like, you could stumble upon a blog through a random Google search (like i did when Goggling ‘Gap johpurs’) and lo, it will have one of your favourite blogs linked. I just find it weird considering how many people there must be in the blogosphere that the same fifty or so people are linked all over. As for Susie Bubble and The Sartorialist, well you could probably play Six Degrees Of Separation and keep coming back to those two.

Keep on bloggin’ y’all!