Yesterday was my first blogday and I completely forgot! I had no idea all those months ago that I’d still be blogging a year later, and getting comments – woo hoo, thank you guys!

This is a good time to thank Jen at www.mahalofashion.blogspot.com for organising the FBAs (Fashion Blogger Awards) – I was a runner up for Best Fashion insiders’ Blog! (OK, I know there aren’t that many fashion insiders’ blogs but still…) I didn’t get a chance to vote because my computer has been acting funny – I’ve not been able to post comments for a couple of weeks…so frustrating. Anyway, that reminds me, my blog buddy LibertyLondonGirl at www.libertylondongirl.blogspot.com has given me a Blogs That Make My Day Award. If only I knew how to display these accolades on my page. One day I’ll learn but first I need to update my links, baby steps, right?

Now I just need to find a picture of a giant birthday cake to illustrate this post. Anyone got any links?*

*Ah…Blue Floppy Hat has sent me this one – thank you!