Hooray for Halston

The general consensus of the Ossie Clark and Halston revivals seems to be a big fat negative. Just why do these revivals for which we all had high hopes never seem to hit the mark? My theory is that Biba, Halston and Ossie Clark are about more than just crepe hotpants, disco jumpsuits and puff-sleeve gowns. Their names are synonymous with a nostalgic era, they encompass the free love, hedonistic spirit and creative energy of their age, not to mention the glamour of the celebs who wore them. (How can the likes of Nicole Richie, Peaches Geldof and Sienna Miller possibly compete with Diana Ross, Veruschka and Bianca Jagger?) While it’s a shame that the Ossie Clark and Halston shows have been poorly recieved, can anyone be surprised given the hype and sky-high expectations they elicited? At the same time, I’m secretly pleased that the press haven’t gone bananas over Halston. Why? Because I loved it. Not that I can afford it, but I totally feel like slinking around Kensal Green in those voluminous cape-dresses, cloud-coloured chiffon gowns and too-sexy suede boots. So let them keep their Balenciaga, Burberry and Dior (three revivals that have been successful. I’ll happily have Halston all to myself.

Pic: www.portfolio.com