Louis Vuitton launches location app: ‘Amble’

News just in of a new ‘digital travel diary’ iPhone app from Louis Vuitton. Amble is a free app in which users document and share their travel adventures by creating an ‘Amble’ – a memory or journey recorded on the iPhone in photo, video, audio or notes. A GPS function allows the user to discover new places nearby while favourite spots can be shared on Twitter, Facebook and email, or sent to Louis Vuitton for publication on the Amble website thus ‘creating a global community of elegant Amblers’. Oh look, Sofia Coppola has done an Amble here!

Of course, as travel is part of the Vuitton heritage,  there is also the opportunity to download the first digital version of the famous Louis Vuitton City Guides from Amble to add to the luxury travel experience. I’m not sure if a similar app exists already but if it does, I’m sure there are plenty of Louis Vuitton afficionados who might prefer to use this branded app.