London Fashion Week AW11

Aaaand we’re off. The tickets are here and have been divvied up into colour-coded envelopes. The camera, laptop, Blackberry and chargers are on standby and the Berocca is ready and waiting. Best of all, the designers are planning to share the coverage far and wide. Each season the digital offer cranks up a notch. It’s gone from tweets to Twitpics to live stream to shop-the-show to real-time catwalk images (alas, not in London this time).

This season, Topshop’s dedicated LFW site will live stream its Unique show, Fashion East and its NEWGEN-sponsored shows, as well as showing on-demand versions an hour after the live event, plus daily behind the scenes edits. The BFC will be screening daily highlights on the London Underground and live streaming in the courtyard of Somerset House while ahead as ever, Burberry’s show will be live streamed from Piccadilly Circus. You can’t get more London that that. And of course you can get my very own musings and murmurings right here at and on Twitter.