Been catching up on the last few WGSN daily newsletters. What to make of this?!

Music industry veteran Simon Fuller and Sojin Lee, formerly of Net-A-Porter, are to launch a new non-retail fashion website fashionair.com later this year, hosting style-focused entertainment, education, and news content plus a social-networking function.

Fashionair will feature a weekly live news and pop culture show including behind-the-scenes footage, spotlighting the best-selling fashion products and include one-on-one interviews with designers, photographers and make-up artists.

A styling show hosted by industry names will also help viewers “master and adapt” the latest trends to their own wardrobes. Site users will be given the chance to interact with the experts, submitting their own personal video style diaries for potential airing on the site.

It will also offer the opportunity to create personal profiles with mood boards, wish and gift lists, and other fashion files with content from the site.

The company said that rather than sell merchandise, “the goal is to drive users to 500+ e-tailers from around the world through fashion-specific trend content, style information, and brand integration”.

Most of the merchandise discussed in the style segments will be showcased on the site with photos and other detailed information, including where users can find the items, as well as suggestions on the luxury and budget versions of each item.