Just like honey

I’m finding myself inexplicably drawn to sunkissed, golden tones in footwear right now. Maybe I’m desperately clinging onto the summer-that-never-was. Prior to a Timberland lunch and cycle-ride earlier this week to flag up Timberland’s impressive ethical credentials (er, the one where I ended up arriving by cab because a) I can’t ride a bike, b) there were no stabilisers available and c) they wouldn’t have been able to insure me. The shame…), I was sent this pair of honey-hued Timberland boat shoes. Some scoffed but I didn’t. I owned these as a raver teen and will be donning them again with pride, along with a Paninaro-chic turn-up jean, a pastel sock and a buttoned-up candy-coloured Lacoste.

That said, now that ‘statement heels’ are *allegedly* on the wane, I am of course finding myself warming to them. Well some of them. These Kurt Geiger ‘Corso Como’ curved cone heels (arriving in September) have enough chunk – but not too much – to tickle my fancy and even better, they’re sold with a pair of socks (thick grey marl ones I hope) to offset the fierceness. How very fabulous!