I’m in 10 Mag and Grazia Daily!

So, imagine how shocked I was to pick up the new 10 Magazine and find my blog staring out at me from those thick, shiny-shiny pages? I knew a mention was going in, but I’d imagined a wee screen grab of the homepage, not an entire page and a mini-interview all to myself! It was part of a ten-page feature called Ten blogs/Twitters/mail-outs you should know and here are the ten in full:

Kate Loves Me
Lovely Pelayo’s blog with lots of pictures of himself (well if you look like he does, why not?) and a look at his fashion-faaaabulous life

Style Rookie
“She’s only 12” etc etc

Grazia Daily
They’ve given me props too! Group hug, yeah?

The Fashion Spot
Fashion-geek central

Karl Lagerfeld/Twitter
Always good for a soundbite…

Jacky Blue
A new one for me – just gorgeous


Style Salvage
Steve and EJ’s brilliant menswear blog. Nice one you guys!

Show Studio
Posh blog

Macho City (machocity @ googlemail.com)
Hilarious weekly email nonsense from Charlie Porter