If you know me, don’t let me know

Silly me. There was I, blogging away like Billy-O, reprimanding slack PRs, pooh-poohing lack-lustre collections and generally being my usual, outspoken self under the anonymous guise of Disneyrollergirl. In my inner circle I’m well known for my un-PC opinions and foot-in-mouth gaffes and to say I don’t suffer fools gladly is putting it rather tamely, so an anony-blog is the only way to blog for me if I’m to keep on the right side of the PRs who make my job possible. Therefore I was a bit perplexed to hear one of my fashion-industry buddies mention something she read on my blog. “Er…What!?! It’s anonymous, how do you know it was my blog?” “Oh, someone sent it to me…” Eek! WelI as it happens, I didn’t mind that particular person knowing my ID, she’s a journo not a PR so no harm done and my rep’s still intact but if anyone out there knows my ID, please keep it under wraps, I certainly don’t want to know about it!