I like my style – the magazine

I bought I Like My Style mag last weekend and have now had a chance to study it. An extension of the community-based style blog, I Like My Style, it has a really nice clean, identifiable design, delicious-smelling paper (sorry, I don’t know my expensive paper-stock terms) and is satisfyingly weighty while being small enough to fit in my Eley Kishimoto tote. Billed as ‘the first user-generated fashion magazine’, it’s a compilation of some of the best features from the blog.

Highlights for me include Robin Kranz’ still life photo shoot of Peter Kempe’s Chanel brooch collection, Guglielmo Castelli’s illustrations of his fashion icons (Audrey Hepburn, Miuccia Prada, Paul Newman included) and a chat with the Kingdom of Style queens Michelle and Marie. Oh and there are hardly any ads and a near 50/50 split of words and pictures. In short, it’s a pretty perfect mix of everything.

All magazines now have some sort of blog brand extension, why shouldn’t the blogs have a paper version? (Hmm, Disneyrollergirl, the magazine… *ponders*.) This is a good example of blogs and magazines working in tandem. Wonder who else will follow?