How to make it in the fashion industry

If you’re a fashion student, summer is the perfect time to do a bit of interning with your mag/stylist/design house of choice. Except it’s not always that easy is it? Factor in the competition, the fact that places get booked up months in advance and that fashion people never reply to emails and getting that placement is as hard as getting your name on the masthead at W.

UK Elle has another idea. To tap into the wealth of fashion talent stalking the shop floor of every high street in the country. No not the shoppers but the staff. Elle’s Shopgirl to Stylist competition was launched with much fanfare last LFW and consists of shop staff putting themselves forward as super-stylists to be judged online and in an X-factor-like ‘pick me!’ challenge. (Check Susie Bubble’s report for the full low-down.) When I first heard about Shopgirl to Stylist, I was dubious how much input Elle really was going to have. Mentoring by senior staff? Really Elle? But it seems they are as good as their word. The next stage is whittling down the contestants to ten and then they really will get advised and mentored by the Elle team before the winner is picked. Phew, nailbiting stuff, no?

But seriously, the challenge of getting that first foot on the ladder is harder than ever. If you’re determined to break into the uber-competititive and (sorry but) not actually that glamorous world of fashion shoots, press days and crying in the fashion cupboard, then dip into the DRG archive. One of my oldest posts on How To Become A Fashion Editor is still getting comments and the advice is still valid.