Computer Love

I know the *insert R word here* is the biggest thing to happen to the western world since global warming but having to read references to it in every newspaper and magazine article I pick up is starting to grate. It’s boring! Inconspicuous consumption may be the new black but it will take me longer than a few months to shake myself out of the ‘I want that’ mindset that’s been ingrained in me ever since, well, birth. So even though I was fortunate enough to be gifted a new LG Netbook for Christmas, it’s not enough, I now need something for the poor darling to wear! I like a shopping challenge so the good thing is this will be something of a project, not simply a matter of walking into Selfridges and slapping down my Mastercard. What I don’t want is a bog standard laptop case. Ew no. I want something chic and sexy and possibly not even designed for the job. (E.G. my Panasonic Lumix lives in a Comme zippy purse not a camera case, it looks better and is a good disguise in places where Cameras Are Not Allowed.)

Enter the Goyard St Marie MM Pouchette ($830 in this month’s US Vogue). I slightly went off Goyard when Vicky Beckham discovered it but the good thing about this is it has double usage – computer case for work, clutch for play. How chiconomic!

[Pic: US Vogue]