Bedside table blues

My appetite for information and entertainment is getting me down! I simply can’t stop buying ‘easy-reader’ books, ostensibly to read in bed, which I do, for about a week until I get behind with my magazine-reading and then the pile of Vogues, Elles and Easy Livings (yes, I read everything) starts to obscure the book pile and I forget all about Helmut, Twyla and Poppy.

Matters weren’t helped this morning when D dropped a heap of Sunday papers on the bed. At first glimpse of the Observer O magazine in collaboration with Tank I rolled my eyes. “I’m a bit over all these half-arsed fashion supplements” I said grumpily, while turning the pages anyway. Well, I was pleasantly surprised. It was good! Boasting an interview with Helmut Lang, features on ‘the men who make fashion happen’ and Calvin Klein menswear designer Italo Zucchelli, plus a really nice understated design and matt paper akin to Man About Town and Fantastic Man magazines, this special mens edition of O impressed me far more than any of the previous 12. Alas, it does of course mean I’m reading about Helmut Lang rather than Helmut Newton and that’s before I’ve even opened the Independent on Sunday and yesterday’s FT.  Sigh. So much to know, so little time…

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