AW10 trend report: haberdashery chic, jodhpur hybrids and skeggings

What I did today…

1) Took a trip down memory lane at the Moschino AW10 press day. I customised a jacket with two ‘purse pockets’ when I was at school. It looked a lot like this:

2) Hyperventilated all over this poor leather Moschino jacket

3) Admired the Radley AW10 shoes at the Yellow Door press day. I hear that Rae Jones has had a hand in the design

4) Found out that Radley has done a bag collab with Harris Tweed for AW10. Sadly no pic though.

5) Found out that Nigel Cabourne has done a bag collab with Harris Tweed for AW10. Pic:

6) Overheard a PR at the Starworks press day telling a journalist that Antony Price believes ‘no-one these days is interested in his designs’. Pffft – how wrong he is!

7) Fantasised that this vintage Antony Price suit belonged to me:

8) Counted three black silk flying suits in one day (at Alice by Alice Temperley, Edun and Acne). That makes it a trend, right?

9) Pondered over some new hybrid trends. Biker jodhpurs and jodhpur chinos anyone?

Moschino :


How about a skegging? (‘Skegging‘ is totally an official term)

10) Got the urge to rummage in my haberdashery drawer to decorate skinny lapels with charms and buttons a la Bolongaro Trevor

11) Discovered that Acne is to open its four-floor London store in Dover Street in July