AW 09-10 trend report: Chanel press day

So press days are on the home stretch – next week includes Arcadia, Asos and Gap plus Matches and Hermes (certainly can’t miss those). Chanel today was so much fun! Where to start?

Shall I start with the blush pink shoes or the puffa bags and suit carriers (seriously, what is Karl on)? Or the Mary-Jane boot-spat hybrid – really I have no idea what to call this.

Maybe you’d be more interested in the showroom with its kooky clothes rails that are topped with a faux hanger complete with interlocking Cs..? Wait! Is there such a thing as an actual Chanel hanger with interlocking Cs? There must be, surely!

I was also quite tickled by the fine jewellery room, complete with bodyguard. Please look, the display cases have their own little miniature floodlights. Adorable!

Funnest of all was the beauty room. Why oh why didn’t I become a beauty editor? Did you know that beauty editors get sent entire ranges of products? Entire ranges, I tell you!

I could have spent the whole day ogling the Chanel mood boards* but alas I had more pressing things to attend to. Ah well, roll on Hermes next week…

*Double click to enlarge