And there’s more. Events at the Design Museum…

Lots going on to accompany the Super Contemporary exhibition over the next few months, including…

12th June 09
Why and what next in fashion? (not sure exactly what time – between 6 and 10pm) £8.50 on the door or £5 advance
Informal seminar in collaboration with Let Them Eat Cake magazine. (Please can someone make sure the sound is properly sorted out for this?)

12th July 09
7.15pm London tour bus, £15
The Design Museum’s Routemaster bus takes punters on a guided tour by Joe Kerr, Head of Critical and Historical Studies at the RCA

25th September 09
7.15pm Art director/graphic designer Neville Brody talk, £15

6th October 09
3pm Paul Smith talk, £15

Also, if you like gin, there are a number of Beefeater 24 events that may pique your interest (Beefeater 24 have also sponsored the exhibition). For more info on all the events – this is a mere handful – check the Design Museum website.