What Katie Wore part II

At the beginning of last year, a friend alerted me to the blog, What Katie Wore. The premise of the blog was simple, as a love letter to Katie, her boyfriend Joe would document her daily outfits but with a twist – she had to wear a different outfit every day for a year. Word spread, the blog became a cult and we have spent the past 12 months witnessing Katie’s many fine ways with coloured tights, playful jewels and a cheery knit.

Today the blog reached its 365th day and the end of the challenge. Not! Katie and Joe have had such good times with the blog that they’re carrying it on. Good decision!

I love that something as simple as playing dress up can be such a brilliant source of entertainment to so many. Katie’s style is a million miles from mine but just looking at those colourful ensembles makes me reach for the red cardigan instead of the grey. On the same subject, Susie Bubble wrote a post this week in answer to someone who had sent her quite a puzzling email. The crux of his message was the complaint that ‘fashion has turned into cries for attention rather than practicality’, and he cited ‘bizarre trinkets and bright colors’ as being major offenders.

I was completely bamboozled. In this day and age, how on earth can anyone be seriously offended by what people wear when they are simply being creative and fun? Now, more than ever, with the internet allowing fashion access to all, there is no need to wear boring clothes unless you want to. There is nothing more delightful than catching sight of someone who takes real pleasure in what they wear (and maybe stealing a little bit of their look for your own. Er, guilty!).

So to the Katies, Susies and other dresser-uppers out there, I say never mind the naysayers, keep it coming…