Vive La Difference!

“Personally, I think they look hideous. When you’ve got blond hair the number one rule is not to have black eyebrows. I think they’re a lovely shape but just on the wrong person.” So says eyebrow-artist Vaishaly Patel on the subject of Sienna Miller’s bushy brows. Colour notwithstanding, I am totally feeling the strong brow right now. In fact, my mantra is No One Perfect Is Interesting so I’m all for non-standard ideas of beauty in all areas. The French have a phrase, ‘jolie laide’ (ugly pretty) which sums it up. A bushy brow is all well and good but it needs to be intentional. It should be thick but groomed. The stragglers betwixt the brows should be tweezed and the short stubby regrowth needs to be kept in check. The queen of the bushy brow is Brooke Shields of course but model Anouck Lepere comes a close second.

Another jolie laide favourite of mine is a strong nose. My big issue with the current craze for plastic surgery is that if everyone strives for today’s homogenized idea of ‘beauty’ then the character features will become rarer and rarer, thus making those born with big noses or small boobs feel even less ‘normal’. What would Amy Winehouse look like without her statement nose? Or Linda Evangelista? Or Paris Hilton (she may be dumb as hell but she’s sure got a gorgeous nose!)?

Interesting teeth are a third dying breed. Kirsten Dunst and Kate Moss would be oh so boring without their cute snaggly teeth, and as for Lou Doillon’s supersized gnashers? Forget it. No teeth, no model contracts as far as I’m concerned.

Pic: Anouck Lepere