Those were the days

If like me you’ve not yet had your fill of New York nightlife photography from the 70s, Bob Colacello’s Out will be of interest to you. Featuring candid snapshots from the sixties and seventies that journalist Colacello took for his “Out” column in Andy Warhol’s Interview magazine, this new coffee table book is overflowing with the likes of Mick Jagger, Arnold Swarzenegger and Bianca Jagger in clubby yet intimate settings.

Colacello got his lucky break when, following a favourable review he’d written of Warhol’s film ‘Trash’, he was invited to become Interview’s diary writer. As he reveals to the Telegraph, ‘I learned working for Andy that there isn’t really the separation people think there is between society, the art world, the corporate elite, the European aristocracy. As you go higher up the social scale, they all kind of merge.’