That niggly nineties feeling

As soon as this preposterous weather gets over I’m getting my ass down to Selfridges. I’m totally into their clever new concept store, The Nineties Are Vintage, which opens on 11th January for 3 weeks. Apparently, now that the 90s are over ten years old, they can be classed as vintage so Selfridges are cashing in and partnering with Rellik, Beyond Retro and Idea Books to celebrate the decade’s stylish offerings.

The nineties was the decade that I found my style groove which encompassed mostly monochrome minimalism – APC, Comme, Helmut Lang – as opposed to Kurt Kobain-tinged grunge. This is all making me want to rejig my wardrobe. Having despatched 2 giant laundry bags of old sweatshirts and too-short Joseph trousers to charity, I now have space to see what I’ve been missing. Specifically, I’ve been missing a black wool jersey calf-length Comme skirt circa 1995 that I unearthed in immaculate moth-free condition that I fancy wearing again with biker boots or riding boots. I think it would go nicely with a Marimekko breton and my polka dot Comme-from-H&M cardi or another relic, my black laddered Joe Casely-Hayford jumper (I do like writing my outfits down, they look so much better on paper screen!).

I’m most excited about the Comme skirt as it’s been forever since long skirts were in any way fashionable – bar the odd maxi-dress. And yet as we inch closer to the flat shoe usurping the uber-heel, it feels like long skirts will return to meet them half way. I’ll report back…