String for spring

It’s taken me a long time to get my head around Cruise, Pre and Bridge collections but last week I think I finally nailed it. At the preview for Stella McCartney’s pre-spring collection the PR helpfully explained what it’s all about. The Stella pre-spring collection is on sale from November to February. It’s a taster for the mainline spring collection at the same price point so it’s not a diffusion line. What it does is satify the hunger for newness so while the rest of the store prepares for the sales, there is still some semblance of ‘new’ to satisfy the forward-looking fashionista. It also serves as a transitional collection to bridge the winter and spring seasons so there are pieces for layering, a few knits, plenty of jersey and jackets galore.

Stella’s pre-spring was big on tailored shorts and blazers (Stella’s signature look), metallics (again), embellished sporty knits, and slouchy knits in muted tones. Jeans are still a big seller with high waists continuing and a classic straight leg jean on the cards in collaboration with Notify. Other highlights were sequin crop evening jackets and patent-look bags in Caran D’ache colours.

And finally…string shoes! Stella is well-known for her anti-leather stance so these raffia-knitted sandals are an innovative and surprisingly chic take on animal-friendly footwear.