Sale of the century

A gruesome couple of weeks of illness has meant I’ve neglected blogging duties due to general feelings of ropiness combined with hardcore (read: narcolepsy-inducing) painkillers and a short stay in hospital. Poor me! Said illness also meant having to miss out on today’s credit-crunch-busting retail extravaganza – The Angels Big Vintage Sale in Wembley. The entire blogosphere seems to have been caught up in the excitement – thanks largely to Susie Bubble’s heads-up a couple of weeks ago. 

The furthest I felt felt fit to travel today was a few stops on the tube to meet D for lunch as my fragile state wasn’t conducive to Harrods-sale style scrumming. On changing trains at Euston though, I was most uplifted to see hoards of bargain-hunters/stylists/fashion students/bloggers spilling out of my carriage all clutching fit-to-burst Angels carrier bags. I couldn’t really see the contents of the bags but caught enough glimpses of colourful bow-ties and ostrich feathers to figure out that the sale has been a runaway success and jolly good fun to attend. Maybe they’ll do another one?

[Pic: Dazed Digital]