Rant of the day: Gok’s Clothes Show

Gok Wan and Alexa Chung have a new TV programme starting this week called Gok’s Clothes Show. I know Alexa and Gok are the nation’s sartorial sweethearts but really, there is such a thing as overexposure. Our TV channels need to get a bit more creative with their choice of presenters and content. Can’t we have some new blood? Does every Sunday supplement, website and fashion weekly need to have a swimwear-to-suit-your-shape feature ghost
written by Gok?

Here’s an idea, how about an intelligent programme about fashion rather than the tired old celebrity and makeover formula – surely by now we all know that dark colours are slimming and boot leg jeans flatter heavy hips? And there must be other well-dressed people out there than flipping celebrities? Another thing, fancy calling it Gok’s Clothes Show! There’s only one Clothes Show and that belongs to my beloved Caryn Franklin. (That said, I’ll still be watching it on the iplayer – I’ll report back on my findings.)

Update: OK, I’ve just been Googling and it looks like the programme is now called Gok’s Fashion Fix. Probably because they realised that The Clothes Show was there first and Caryn and co might sue their asses.