Quote of the day

‘When I start on a collection, I ask myself a lot of questions. I get very philosophic. I’m against consumption so doing my job—which is about fashion—is always a bit hard for me.’
Isabel Marant

This quote is taken from a gallery on Elle.com which Hebsen from Style…A Work In Progress alerted me to. I love Isabel Marant and adore her aesthetic but I can see where she’s coming from. Her look is very much the worn-in, thrown-together-just-so look which could easily be fashioned from stuff we already have…a bit of army surplus, a washed-silk blouse, an ethnic trinket. The fact is, the way she presents it makes us want to take the easy option and just buy it off the rack. I guess that’s her skill, to make us want to buy it, even though we could probably get the look without buying anything at all.

Pic: Elle.com