Pets win prizes!

Da-da! We have a winner for the Lady Luck Rules OK kitten necklace.

The judging panel have decreed, after careful consideration (let’s face it, all the entries were brilliant), the winner to be Rosie Alia.
In answer to the question: If you could have any pet, what would it be and what famous superstar (dead or alive) would you name them after? She answered: “Good golly, miss molly, this necklace is amazing. I love it. I’m upset I missed the fete! I would have a little (preferably baby blue or pink furred) kitten in a jumper, that would stay a tiny cute kitten forever. I would knit it new jumpers to wear so we could match., and I would turn one of your personalised heart name necklaces into a collar to match my double-heart name necklace (it’s my pride and joy!). And it would come everywhere with me. She’d be my bestest friend. And her name would be Bettie after Bettie Page.”

Rosie, your Myspace page doesn’t work… email me to claim your prize!