Manish Arora for Swatch

It’s been a long while coming but at last Swatch has woken up to the fact that we want the designer collabs back. Swatch has just unveiled 6 Manish Arora watches, all in his signature upbeat, colourful style but all entirely different from each other.

[Creaky old-person voice alert:] I remember stampedes for the Westwood versions and still cherish my velvet-strapped orb POP Swatch (actually….where is it?) from back in the nineties. Maybe the recession has brought Swatch to their senses. After all, as we all know, you may not be able to afford a designer dress/bag/jacket but you can splash out on a Swatch. Prices start at £65 and go up to £235 and they launch on May 1st.

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[Pictured: Giant Shimmer watch, £235]