Jingle jangle

I don’t know what you call these spinning charms but I’m slightly obsessed with them. They’re very good for playing with when bored/nervous/agitated and look so pretty! I’m a great lover of what I call ‘gifty’ jewellery – those cutesy charms in the shape of hearts, horse shoes, Coke bottles etc on thin chains that look so personal when layered together. This is the type of jewellery that Benna specialises in, I love the Annina Vogel Love, Luck and Travels necklace with lots of charms on one chain and Sabrina Dehoff’s apple pendant.

Miss Bibi’s pendants are more offbeat with matches, axes and chairs dangling from her chains although I prefer the marginally more sensible spectacles and pasta bows…

I know I’m way too old for it (even though I don’t really believe in such crap) but there’s something very fidget-friendly about Me & Zena’s Love-o-meter necklace, I’d probably twirl that arrow until it fell off.

More fidgety fun comes in the shape of Galibardy’s rings, in particular the ceramic bunny and the enamel apple. Oh and how sweet is the cottage ring (- it could also double up as a nice little weapon if one were needed)?

But back to the spinning charms. This particular one is by Allumer, a line of luxury friendship jewellery by Natasha Leith-Smith. The bracelets come packaged in a wee matchbox and there’s a small selection on My-wardrobe at 60% off and loads on Kabiri.