How to rock a bourgeois blouse

Jamie Bochert cavorting across the pages of Vogue in leather jeans and bourgeois blouses? Scorchio. And the ultimate proof that it’s not what you wear but how. Could those blouses look any less conservative? Bochert’s dandyish take on rock chick (since the Balmain aesthetic is pretty much OVAH, or it is if you’re Christophe Lemaire), is the perfect romantic-bohemian mix and exactly how I like to see blouses worn now.

They’re also how Hamilton-Paris‘ Sophie Hamilton wears her blouses (below). The aristocratic designer and her Paris-based design partner Charles Sebline are experts at cutting the perfect waterfall blouse and Hamilton wears hers Bochert-style, with cut-to-the-bone jeans, ankle boots and the requisite handsome hanks of wavy dark hair.
The dandy blouse look can be easily achieved with a long skinny silk scarf (I favour an Hermes Cravate Foulard), but for the real deal, check out Hamilton Paris’ luxe silk blouses…

[Jamie Bochert pics by Hedi Silmane for Vogue, The Fashion Spot]