Harpers Bazaar critique

I have a love-hate relationship with US Harpers Bazaar. I love the written features but as I mentioned on someone else’s blog, the shoots in Harpers Bazaar have gone way downhill of late. But the May Issue if you skip the ropy Gwen Stafani editorial (Er, WHAT is going on with that hair?) and the Giselle/Barbie shoot (more dire coif-styling), there is a pretty OK shoot of Irina Lazareanu styled by Melanie Ward. Good hair, cool clothes and lovely photography by Camilla Akrans.

Skip a few pages and you have a feast for the eyes in the form of Milla Jovovich – all lips and teeth and casual luxe clothes. The best bit is at the back of the book (why do Americans call it a book? It’s a magazine!). A Fashionable Life with Jacqui Getty. Who knew the Gettys and Coppolas were related? This Jacqui is sister-in-law of Sofia and mother of Gia and the pictures shot by Lisa Eisner show that 20-year old Gia is a definite style muse in the making.

I’m a sucker for How To Pack articles and especially ones with tips from fashion insiders – it’s like the supersize version of what’s in your handbag. Bazaar’s one has Elle McPherson (who swears by Ziploc bags), Eva Chow (who always pack one tuxedo ‘for an occasion that might come up unexpectedly’) and Kelly Killoren Bensimon (always packs make-up in Le Sportsac and Prada nylon pouches). Hmm, doesn’t anyone use Muji anymore?

Other page-fillers.
Accessories special – boring still lifes of sunglasses and flat sandals.

Ashlee Simpson’s grown up look – zzzzzz.

Buy Keep Store –as usual, contradicts the rest of the editorial. I just don’t see the point of these pages, especially when there’s even more What’s In What’s Out on the back page. Like, who cares! There are yet more ins and outs with celeb stylists extolling their choices for the season. Katie Grand: In- headbands with a photo of those eyesore Liberty floral hairbands from LV – ugh, gross-er-ama. Elizabeth Stuart from NY Times: In – Trouser-jeans “I love wide leg jeans from J Brand.” I love the word trouser-jeans! Kate Young, Derek Lam’s stylist: In – flat bags. They do look lovely but hmm, I don’t think so…yet.

Hot fashion news: Yet more gushing about girl-of-the-moment, model Agyness Deyn in her punk/granny-chic hybrid duds.

Personal style – Vera Wang: Ooh more eye candy for nosy people. She’s not normally on my radar but reading this and seeing her sick super-organised wardrobe I want her style…and her handbag collection.