Gap does a Uniqlo

In the war between Gap and Uniqlo, my allegience is strictly with Gap. I dunno why, I just like that they don’t try too hard to court the hipster crowd. But now they’re playing Uniqlo at their own game with an artist T-shirt hook-up featuring designs by Chuck Close, Jeff Koons, Barbara Kruger and Kenny Scharf among others. Wow, this I can’t miss. I don’t even know what they look like yet but I’m loving the idea of a Barbara Kruger or a Jeff Koons. I already have the Kenny Scharf Swatch watch so a T-shirt to go with it? Why, yes please! Which brings me neatly to this suggestion…Can Swatch please jump on the bandwagon and reinstate their Swatch-designer collabo’s? I mean, a Luella Swatch, an Eley Kishimoto Swatch, a JC de Castelbajac Swatch… the list is surely endless?