Double trouble

Ah, how I love an implausible coincidence and this one’s a corker. My friend B asked if we could meet up as she had seen the perfect birthday pressie for me and wanted to give it to me early. “Don’t buy anything til I see you,” she implored. I promptly forgot and on my way to meet her had a scan of the Selfridges book department. (You can see where this is going can’t you?) My eyes clocked a book I had seen a few weeks ago in Waterstones and had been thinking about ever since. I snapped it up. Off I went to meet B, swinging my wee yellow Selfridges carrier bag. She arrived also carrying a wee yellow Selfridges carrier bag. Uh oh, alarm bells rang.

She handed me the bag, the present was wrapped inside. “Er B,” I said, “I forgot what you told me and I’ve just bought a book in Selfridges!” “Oh you didn’t?!” she replied eyes a-rolling. I opened her present and this was inside – the wonderful Like I Give a Frock by Michi. It’s the most whimsical, witty, pretty little book you’ve ever seen, full of silly musings and beautiful collagy illustrations. It’s totally me. So me that not only was it B’s gift to me but of course, also the gift I’d bought myself. Sorry B! Ah well, isn’t it lovely to have friends who know you inside out?