Don’t fret my pet

Marc by Marc Jacobs has done a back to school collection but there is not a tie or satchel in sight. Instead we have a rainbow of leather hoodies, Liquorice-Allsorts-coloured stripy leggings and a mad character called Miss Marc created by illustrator Will Broome. Miss Marc’s catchphrase, ‘don’t fret my pet’ is designed to encourage us to keep our peckers up throughout the recessionary gloom and has been slapped on bags, tees and umbrellas. Prices are suitably ‘haute-street’ with the leathers clocking in at an agreeable £300-ish.

While simultaneously eyeballing the collection and sampling a selection of Laduree colour-coordinated Marc-aroons, my gaze couldn’t help but stray to the books lining the shelves. Anyone know the id of the Rauschenburg one? I was also tickled to hear Lisa Lisa & Cult Jam pumping through the speakers. If anything is guaranteed to take me back to my schooldays, that tune is it.