Cocosa sale: Hunters Wellies

Wellies. They’re for life not just for festivals. No seriously, I hear reports from my Hunter spies that even though Glasonbury was a scorcher, people were still wearing wellies as, y’know, fashion statements. Those crazy kids.

Anyway, if you want to join the welly party, hurry over to and use my special invite code ‘Disneyrollergirl’ to register. For the next few days, you can buy selected Hunter wellies at seriously slashed prices. But don’t dawdle, the sale ends at midday on Friday and they’re selling fast.

P.S. once you’ve registered you call read Lulu Guinness’s fab Style Profile interview, see my other Cocosa picks for the week and find out what I’ve been up to fashion-wise. Here’s a sneak peak (double click to enlarge)…