Changes afoot

Clunky clogs at Chanel, kitten heels at Louis Vuitton, whichever way you slice it, there are changes in the air when it comes to footwear for next season. I’ve never been fond of the now-ubiquitous ‘plat-heel’, mainly because I’m a fast walker and those things are a bloody hindrance. For day, I’m sticking to Converse, work boots and Church’s lace-ups (all-weather solutions, perfect for London) and I’m happy to wear my trad red Swedish clogs around the house with chunky grey marl socks but sorry Karl, there’s NO WAY those high-heeled clogs with the natty lace-up-the-leg decoration are coming any where near me.

What I do like are the new SS10 ‘High Cut’ sandals from Bruno Frissoni at Roger Vivier. Lovely shiny leather, cleanly minimalist silhouette remininscent of Helmut Lang, no ghastly platform, good solid heel slightly angled to give it some interest. I’m not an engineer so don’t know if that angle renders them unbalanceable but if not, sign me up.

[Pic: LA Times]