Canape-watch at the Beth Ditto for Evans party

You can’t fail to have noticed that Beth Ditto has designed a range for Evans. It lauches next week but the PR machine kicked in last week with an unveiling to press and bloggers, followed by last night’s fash bash at Sketch. A fabulous feast was laid on, comprising bowls of rich risotto, plentiful chicken skewers and my favourite, the super-sized posh burgers. Forget what you’ve heard about fashion people not eating, these went down a storm. As did the vodka Russians. Oh, the clothes were nice too, sported by a bevvy of Beth-esque beauties.

I didn’t manage to clap eyes on the Ditto or the Moss as they were mostly hiding in the VIP room but I did get quite close to Sir Philip Green – if only because his people turfed me and my buddies off our chaise so he could sit there. I don’t know if the rumour’s true that he regularly throws samples out of Arcadia’s windows in a fit of pique but I can quite believe it.