Can Burberry do no wrong?

News that international fashion buyers are playing safe when it comes to designer labels should have Burberry CEO Angela Ahrendts jumping for joy. While stores struggle to encourage customer spending, buyers are increasing their orders on timeless separates and well-performing mega-brands while taking fewer risks on newer designers. I’m not entirely surprised. Even those designers that are new and innovative have toned down the wackiness in lieu of a commercial style that will appeal to as many monied customers as possible, in all corners of the globe. Long sleeves were one noticable trend at the recent round of fashion weeks that were understood to be a clear sign of reaching out to the affluent Middle Eastern market. According to WGSN, Selfridges will be sticking to established brands for its designer customer. “People aren’t buying as many unknown brands. We all want to invest in something that we know we are going to really love and will carry through a bit more to the next season.” said Selfridges’ designerwear buyer Laura Larbalestier. With Burberry announcing a 14 per cent increase in sales during the last six months, they are obviously doing something very right indeed and proving the point that customers want to invest in well-known, trusted brands. “We could turn off everything right now, but we’re not going to,” says Ahrendts. “This is the sort of time when leaders are born and made, and we will micromanage this business to stay on top. We are absolutely going to stay the course.”