AW 09 trend report – press day highlights: Calvin Klein, Matches, Hermes

It’s been non-stop this week so pardon my scrappy blogging. Highlights have been plentiful though, including the Calvin Klein classics collection sunglasses launch (yeah, I know it’s not really AW, but I like to be contrary). The nineties are officially the next decade to be plundered – these shades revisit designs that originally came out in 1992 according to the press release.

I’m all for it. Classic beatnik-esque sunglasses are a welcome break from bug-eyes and Ray-Ban wannabes as far as I”m concerned. We were also invited to pick a pair we liked which is always jolly nice. I chose these:

The goody bag was ultra-generous too – a CK tote brimming over with flip flops, bikini and CK One fragrance. (Shame they couldn’t have thrown in a wee holiday as well…)

Matches was brilliant and interesting as ever. I spotted a real-fur-that-looks-fake Helmut Lang gilet but don’t think the buyer much liked my observation which came across as ‘why buy a cheap fake when you can buy an expensive one?’. Oops.

Then there was a real fur that looked real, on the collar of an Elizabeth & James jacket.

This is essentially a classic wool blazer with a detachable fur collar/lining. Whether you like fur or not is immaterial, you can’t deny that this is functional, problem-solving design. I only wish more fashion could be as practical – I’m still waiting for someone to invent an evening dress that adjusts to your temperature (note to self: find out if Stone Island does evening dresses). Goody bag was a chocolate shoe with a £50 Matches voucher and the new Matches magazine which I always love. What I learnt: 1) Matches has a new shoe label called Mechante of London. J’adore these boots…

(Er, you can’t see them very well. Double click to enlarge – they have a sexy gold zip at the back.)

2) Joanna Sykes is the new head designer for Matches’ own label, Freda. Sykes, known for her use of sequins in unexpected places (ie sportswear), has cut a mean collection of minimalist luxe basics with the eye of a perfectionist. Good choice!

Lots of loveliness as to be expected at Hermes. Quizzed the PR about the booming popularity of mens scarves and she showed me some that are exclusive shapes for men that are easier to tie. Loved the pack of how-to-tie-your-scarf cards that were nestling in the goody bag.

Also went gaga over these: