A&F: The anti-climax

Hmmph, what a waste of time that was! First I had to contend with a mega-queue, and I do not queue to go in shops! Next I had to find someone who knew about these wretched ‘magalogs’. I was finally directed to the till where of course I was confronted with another queue longer than a month of Sundays. I managed to duck and dive to the front to ask about the mag.
“Yes, we have them here behind the counter, you can queue up to buy one.”
“But have you got one I can look at first?”
“Um…they’re sealed. Let me see if I can find one.”
“How much are they anyway?”
“!!!???!!! Ok, do you want to finish serving this guy first?”

The harrassed assistant finished folding the young fellow’s logo T-shirts then spent a few minutes bustling behind the counter before emerging with something wrapped in cling-film which looked like a box which *could* house a magazine but I wasn’t allowed to open it. After a nano-second’s deliberation I thanked the assistant and made my exit sans magazine. I get what they’re doing, they’re creating a buzz, keeping things exclusive, yada yada yada. But.. I just couldn’t be bothered with it all. Fair enough, the photography is probably beautiful, I’m sure the articles are well-written, I’m sure the design is sublime, but at the end of the day, I want to try before I buy and I don’t think that’s asking too much if I’m spending £100 on a magazine.

Update: Mind you, having re-read yesterday’s post I guess it serves me right. There was me thinking I could get one for peanuts to flog on Ebay. I s’pose you’ve gotta laugh really…